Photographic Humor Card Design Process

Just a quick look at my design process for photo-illustrated cards.

A mouse taking a shower in the spray of an elephant’s trunk. From left to right: sketch, quick mockup, final image.

Two birds are sharing a bath, and one of them gets a little too comfortable. This card design was nominated for a Louie Award in 2017.

Walking backwards into canon

A little while back I had the honor of doing a pinup for one of my favorite indie comic book companies King Bone Press. It was for a book called “Hellbillies” here is the pitch:

"Strange things happen all over this world. In North America, there is a hotbed of oddities and weirdness known as "the south" and the people are only the beginning. Eustace and his team of outcasts try to keep the world safe with their brand of southern justice. Join them, there are plenty of moonshine and monsters to go around. The road to hell leads south."

After reading the first couple of issues I decided to have a little fun with my pinup, and include a corn-cob pipe smoking frog. He seemed like the kind of character that might show up in that world... the writer of "Hellbillies" agreed, and to my shock and delight FRED (my frog) appeared in issue 8. So much fun! Check out King Bone Press on Comixology, and if you need pinups for your next project hit me up! - John