Today our event made the front page of the Beverly Citizen. I've included a link to there story about what happened. I cannot begin to explain how happy and excited I am about what happened last Saturday. I'm still excited as I write this. I keep thinking when I tell people about the show "No, you don't understand! It was bigger, it was better than you could ever imagine!" 

It's ok though, I know what happened. We didn't let our weekend get stolen for us. We siezed the moment. We made something from nothing. We created an event. We created the Beverly Comic Con! And I'm proud.

I want to end with a quote from one of my fellow Con organizers Michael Crockett about last Saturday.

"I am broken. I am beyond torn to shreds from so much good. This week smashed dreams, but not the dream makers. I felt something tonight I have never felt in my life. A community came together and lifted me from a dead end. The people in my life refused to let the dreams we follow stop cold. There isn't a single person alive that could have stopped the momentum-created by those around me. I have been rebuilt. I have been given a team of gentlemen. A true balance of talents and like desires. Driven to ensure the goals we set out to achieve, happen. Not even if the whole world around you stops. 

A community got behind a common love. A comic book saved my life today."

Thank you everyone that was a part of that night. Thank you. It saved mine as too Mike.