Interviewed in April of 2013


Hometown: Awesomeville (Peabody, MA)

Current town: Bev-rock-city

Website: Click Here

Email: Click Here

1.)  Tell us a little about where you’re from or where you grew up… and how that influences the type of art you’ve found yourself making?

Well I grew up just north of Boston. I’d have to say going to a state school where all of my peers live and work in the area has been a huge part of my success. Having a close-knit group of creative individuals from photograhers and fine artists to musicians is constant inspiration for my work. It’s great to be able to call up your friends and engage in conversations that revolve around art and creative inspiration. I can’t imagine myself doing anything different.

I get inspiration in every place I travel whether it’s here in New England, another part of the country or overseas. The best part of New England is the fact that we get four seasons. Snow, rain, heat and fall foliage. Along with those seasons come great colors, which is the primary inspiration for my work. I could talk about color all day.

3.) Dream client? Go.

God, there’s so many clients I’d love to work with. My work transfers so well to many different materials. But Converse and Fossil come to mind right away.

4.) Workplace or studio; a disaster or super organized? (I already know the answer to this, but answer it anyway!!)

It depends. I try really hard to be organized. But like anything, when I gets busy, my studio gets chaotic. All it takes is for me to not be able to find something to get annoyed. It makes a huge difference to work in a clean, organized space.

5.) Music while working? -   Anything your listening to now that is  pushing you or inspiring you.

Always! I’m into making playlists on Spotify. I’ve got a 90’s one, a hip hop one, an alt country one… Music is a huge part of my life, so yeah I can’t work without it.

6.) What medium or product is your sweet spot?? Even down to the brand name, color,  & materials.  Found or purchased?

Well I swear by Epson paper and their printers. They’ve yet to let me down with any of thieir products. Also Paper Source envelopes. They are recycled and the most gorgeous colors! I’d have to say chartreuse is my favorite.

7.) What’s been the most challenging part of building a career as an artist??    ie; family,  $$$, time, inspiration,  networking,  etc….

Getting your work out there is easy now, with the internet, twitter, facebook and pinterest. The people respins positively ti your work, commenting, tweeting and repinnning.  Then you realize, you’re not doing it for yourself at that point. So you always have to be working on new stuff.

8.) You can have one of your pieces displayed in/at anywhere of your choice…. where  does it go?

A popular blog like Design*Sponge ( or in the pages of a top shelf magazine (Martha Stewart, Lucky, Oprah, I’ll take any of them really J)

9.) Who was the most important person in your life guiding your direction as an artist??

I don’t think there’s one specific person. I have so much support from my family, my friends and my fans. They encourage me to keep doing it. It’s nice to know so many people believe in what you’re doing and have faith that it will go places.

10.) Knowing you’re a huge Boston Bruins fan and considering they are off to such an amazing start this year, what was your favorite moment from last years championship season?

Haha, I am a big Bruins fan! I’ve been going to games since I was about 7. I’d have to say after they won round 2. It was a stressful road, but at that point it was like “wow!, this is real!” It’s great to see your favorite team win a championship. Especially hockey, since they go through so many playoff games and rounds to get that far. It’s quite an accomplishment. 

11.) What’s your approach to starting a new piece when unlike traditional artists with a blank canvas or sketch book your firing up your computer??

Well it’s the same idea really. I’m starting with a blank page in Illustrator. With my prints specifically, I start with a theme or topic (ex. Baking, paris, country music) and just starting writing down words. From there, I sketch out individual objects. I see everthing as shapes so I simply re-create them in Illustrator based on my sketches. Color and organization is last because it’s the hardest part. It’s like a puzzle! Finding the perfect place for each illustration. So I’d say it’s the same as many fine artists work, it’s just a different meduim.

12.) What’s it like creating,  operating and marketing your own illustration and design company Flowers in May? Do work days and days off all blur into the same thing?

Its tough! Unfortunately, I can’t solely do it (yet) so I freelance also. I worked in advertsing for many years, and it simply didn’t allow me enough time to put into operating Flowers in May. So I left, not knowing really what I wanted to do but that I had to at least go for it. So here I am! I’m busier now than I have ever been. Now since my schedule changes each week, I really need to plan out the time I am going to spend on operating and yes, marketing it. But I’ve done my best work since I ventured out on my own. And I havent looked back yet.

13.) Most underrated artist out there right now you think should be in next years book?

Union Press ( in Somerville. Their story, their work and their space are inspiring. Letterpress has always fascinated me.

14.) What’s next for you? Any future project or client where people can see your work??

Theres always stuff coming up! I just finished designing some temporary tattoos for Tattyoo ( and a wallet for Poketo ( Both will be launching soon! And people can see me this summer at SOWA in Boston. I’m also working on a new line of cards, some prints, blank invitations and my 2014 calendar.**